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Halloween Celebs

Halloween is almost here and I am so not ready for it I haven't had time to know what I wanna dress up as and I know a lot of people are as confused as I am so I went Hunting on the celebs closets and found out what it is they rocked on their past Halloweens and ended up knowing exactly what my costume will be. I think, with so many to choose from!


             Audrina Patridge as a Genie                                          Anne Hathaway as Cleopatra

Gwen Stefani as Jesse Cowgirl from Toy Story 2>>
Heidi Klum as Kali

   Blake Lively as flight attendant

Katerina Graham as a Vampire 

                                                                                 Kelly Osbourne and Bf Luke Worall as Bacon & Eggs
       Kellan as Robin and Ashley as Peacock                            
                                                                                 Mariah Carey and Nick Canon as Angels
Michelle Trachtenberg as Marie Antoinette                                      
                                                                                                    Heff and Holly as Devil and Angel
Nicky Hilton as Holly from Breakfast at Tiffanys                          
                               Nina Dobrev as Willy Wonka                              

  Jason Biggs as Dorothy 
                                                  Terri Hatcher as the Queen of Hearts
                                   Katie Couric as Donald Trump 

Annalynne McCord as Bat Girl                                Christina Milian 

Kim and Reggie

Lauren Conrad                                          Pink>                   Christian Sirano as Cruella
   Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman