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Lana Del Rey for H&M Fall 2012 Campaign

Lana Del Rey is glamorous and beautiful and learning that the American singer will be the face of H&M's Fall 2012 campaign was no surprise. In the first pictures of the campaign she wears a gorgeous outfit that gives her a 60's look, with a peach colored mohair sweater and matching skinny jeans, she is accessorized with gorgeous 60's crooner earrings. Her makeup and hair were made to look like she wears them most of the time, the cat eye liquid eyeliner, long beautiful lashes and long chocolate bouffant hair that according to H&M's creative director Donald Schneider "is going to inspire thousands of girls to invest in false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner and more Aquanet than the entire Rock of Ages costume department." With these first pictures being so beautiful I can't wait to see what she will be revealing in the rest.