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Saint Laurent Spring 2015 New Face Joni Mitchell

Folk music singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell will be the face of Saint Laurent's Spring 2015 campaign. Joni Mitchell recently turned 71 years old, giving her and past Saint Laurent campaign stars a wide age difference. Joni Mitchell will be joining the Saint Laurent music project where many other musicians such as Marianne Faithfull, Kim Gordon and Architects of Rock and Blues were also featured as the face of Saint Laurent. Joni Mitchell is not the first face of Saint Laurent to be of older age. The variety of previous Saint Laurent campaign stars are young models and celebrities but Joni Mitchell will not be the first of age group 60 and up.
   I think its great that Saint Laurent among other labels do not have a focus on young people and show you that having gray hair and wrinkles does not necessarily change you. The stars featured on the Saint Laurent Music Project are still beautiful and can rock a Saint Laurent outfit better than many.